Our new sales fee: 0 %, zero, zilch, nada.

We’ve just added another great reason to use Tinypay.me:

our sales fee has dropped from 5 % to 0 %!

That’s right. We’re not charging anything if you sell on Tinypay.me from now on. This means that we’re entirely free. So what are you waiting for? Start selling!

So how will Tinypay.me earn money?

Don’t get us wrong. We realize the importance of generating revenue. In the nearby future that’s exactly what we’ll do. Let us explain how:

We believe that our true added value for you is the potential to find customers. As you know we’ve recently launched the possibility to create a marketplace. As we speak hundreds of marketplaces are being generated and these are being placed on popular communities.

What does that mean for you as a seller?

Suppose you’re selling a ‘Self-made Dress’. You’ve put the dress up for sale on our platform, your website and your social communities. So far – so good and you won’t spend a penny on us.

In the meanwhile our system will automatically detect that you’re selling a fashionable item and will search for fashion marketplaces within our database. Within a short period of time you’ll receive a notification telling you that there are popular marketplaces we can put your dress on. Putting your dress up for sale on those marketplaces could result in millions of interested potential customers. Sounds great right? The only thing you will have to agree with is the sales percentage of those specific marketplaces.

What’s this sales percentage of a marketplace?

Every marketplace that has been created on our platform can set their own ‘sales fee’. The sales fee ranges from 0% to 50%. Each owner of a marketplace must decide for themselves how much they can charge for their window of opportunity. It’s likely that the more popular his or her community is – the more they will charge for a sale.

Will my items ever end up on a marketplace without me knowing?

We will automatically distribute your items to marketplaces that fit the sales fee you have agreed with. If you don’t agree with a sales fee at all – then we will only place your item on the marketplaces that don’t charge anything.

What happens to the marketplaces business model?

Marketplaces can still charge a sales fee. But it has improved! It’s now possible to charge fees as low as 0 %. In addition to that, we’ve simplified our revenue sharing model and raised the share for marketplaces. Which means that you will receive 50 % of whatever sales fee you decide to charge to your sellers.

Example: in our old model you would receive nothing if you wanted to charge 5 % to your sellers; in our new model you will now earn 2.5 % with a 5 % fee, 10 % with a 20 % fee and so on.

We call it the “earnium model”: we only start earning money once you start to earn money. :)