About Selling

About selling  Run a marketplace

Start selling within 60 seconds

  • Hit the “Start selling” button on the homepage

  • Fill in the form within only 60 seconds

  • Your digital or physical item is for sale!

Add media like pictures or a video to enrich the experience. If you feel charitable you can choose to donate a percentage of your sale to a charity and we’ll do the same with our fee! Additionally you can charge shipment costs when selling physical items.

Unique item page

  • Anyone can instantly buy your item

  • Customize with your own design and style

  • Embed items within your own website = webshop!

We’ve made sure that every item page has great search optimization. You can provide your own style by adding a background design which will appear behind every item page and on your seller page. Easily share your item on social networks and other web services.

Awesome distribution

  • Connected to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more

  • Keep everyone automatically updated about your items

Harness the power of our distribution system! We’ve put a lot of work into making sure that your item will end up where most people are willing to buy it. Places like Google, Facebook and Twitter but more importantly your own website, and on web-communities specifically interested in your items!

Instantly own a webshop

  • Tell more about yourself on your seller page

  • Buyers can browse through all your items

No more hassles in order to run your own webshop! Once you put items on Tinypay.me you immediately get your own seller page. People can simply click on your name and view information about you and all the items you’re selling. You could also choose to embed your whole seller page, or parts of it, into your own website or blog. That way you instantly own a webshop too!

Lovely backend

  • Quickly add, edit or delete items

  • Easily manage all your orders

With our easy to understand backend you don’t have to worry about managing all your stuff. It’s very basic, here’s a short explanation:


On your orders tab you can view all the items you’ve sold and to whom while keeping an overview of whether you’ve shipped (processed) them yet.


Our distribution model is based on connections. We automatically connect your items to services like Google product search. You can also choose to connect yourself to social and other platforms. Doing so will immediatly increase your chances of selling.


Manage your personal information and customize your design.